Totální nasazení is a famous Czech punk rock band founded by its current singer and bass guitar player Sváťa Šváb with his classmates from grammar school back in 1990.

First demos were recorded and when its debut CD “Stínohry” was released in 1995, Totální nasazení ceased to be a mare regional band and became popular around the country. The band recorded another four albums that proved to be a success. The number of performances also increased to the average of 95 concerts per year.

The band was very popular, performed frequently, made several music videos, appeared on TV and released more albums at Popron music. After its 18th anniversary, the it changed its original drummer for a new one, Franky. In the following years, Totální nasazení released its live DVD and other regular, best off and live albums, made music videos, went on successful tours and festivals.

P.P.Cvok, the guitar player, leaves the band for family reasons at the end of 2013. Even though he was not the founding member, he was part of the band for over 20 years. A new member – Karloss (a guitar player and singer) – takes his places, having rich experience from playing in several famous punk rock bands.

In 2014, Sváťa (bass guitar, vocal), Karloss (guitar, vocal) and Franky (drums) recorded Zbytečná, the newest as well as the 10th regular album of the band. In the summer, Totální nasazení played at numerous festivals, recorded several music videos and currently it prepares for the celebrations of the 25th anniversary which takes place in 2015. For that occasion, the band releases a new “best off” album and organizes a special tour for the fans.

The hard work over the years – with its 16 albums and almost 1400 concerts at clubs and festivals - reflects the firmly rooted position of the band on the Czech scene. The strong fan base that the band has built through their modest behavior, is a great support for the trio from Slaný. Thus, Totální nasazení – the punk rock legend, crossing the boundries of its style – can neither complain about the lack of concert offers, nor about the number of its fans.

Sváťa – bassguitar, vocal
Karloss – guitar, vocal
Franky – drums


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Latest music videos

Zapomenutý sny (2014) – The Forgotten Dreams

O hvězdáři a kometě (2014) – About the Star-gazer and the Comet

Tichá voda (2014) – Silent water

Kdo jsi? (2014) – Who are you?

Nezapomeneme (2013) – We will never forget

Oceloví ptáci (2013) – Steel birds

Mistr pohádkář (2013) – The Master of Fairytales

Samowar (2011) – Samowar

Wiktorovy ostatky (1991) - DEMO
Wiktor’s relics

Dneska má svátek Marie (1992) - DEMO
Today is a Mary’s name day

Bätmäni (1993) - DEMO
The Bätmäns

Totální nasazení (1994) - DEMO
Totální nasazení

Stínohry (1996)
The shadow games

Pocta době (1997)
Tribute to the time

…souhlasíš se vším? (1998)
Do you agree with all?

Živáky (1999) - LIVE

Spreyopithecus chaluhensis (2000)
Spreyopithecus chaluhensis

Crabalaganja (2002)

Delta Force - Živák z Delty (2003) - LIVE
Delta Force – Live from Delta

Když mrvy na šichtu táhnou (2005)
When manure is going to work

Best of Totální nasazení – Tak mi to PUČ (2006) - VÝBĚR
Best of Totální nasazení

Krokodýl Ghandee (2007)
Crocodile Ghandee

Charóne, ty jsi nás převez (2009) - LIVE
Charon, you outwitted us

Best on 1990-2010 (2010) - VÝBĚR
Best on

Crazy Story (2011)

Unplugged unpunked live Divadlo Slaný 2010 (2011) - LIVE

Oceloví ptáci (2013)
Steel birds

Zbytečná (2014)



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8.2.2019 Kralupy nad Vltavou - KD Vltava + E!E, The Fialky

9.2.2019 Plzeň - KD Šeříková + E!E, The Fialky

15.2.2019 Zlín - Masters of Rock Café + E!E, The Fialky

16.2.2019 Bratislava (SK) - klub Kulturák + E!E, The Fialky

22.2.2019 NEHRAJEME

23.2.2019 Moskva (RUS) - oslava15 let skupiny M.A.D. Band + M.A.D. Band, The dead Prezident




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